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Frozen Meat And Frozen Food

Common Issues in the Frozen Meat and Frozen Food Industry

Lot Number And Expiry Date Monitoring
Food safety regulations require monitoring of food batches and expiry dates, a big headache for merchants.
The food lot number numbering function can effectively monitor the stock batches of different suppliers and reflect the stock status of problematic products.
Frozen food companies generally stock large quantities of goods, and accumulate over time stock will expire, resulting in losses.
The use of an inventory management system allows for a disciplined inventory count to be carried out effectively, thereby reducing food expiry losses.
Prevent Mistakes Caused By Manual Input
The queueing customers’ pay for customers to pay for their purchases can impair their experience.
By allowing customers to weight their own products and to create a weight barcode label sticker, you can greatly improve the speed of the checkout process.
Electronic Payments
With all of the different payment methods available today, shops are often faced with having to manage a large number of payment machines at the point of sale.
With an all-in-one multifunction payment machine, it is quick and easy to manage.
Electronic Scale With POS Direct Link
Customers have to queue to use weighing scales before they can pay for their products, creating delays.
By using an electronic weighing scale with a direct interface to the POS system, cashiers can quickly weigh products directly at the checkout.
Special Discounts For Members
The proliferation of frozen food and frozen meat company brands and businesses has led to intense competition.
The variety of Member discounts and benefits can greatly increase consumer sentiment and attract more consumers.



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