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Common Issues in Restaurants Industry

Bulk Wholesale Invoices
Manually processing large number of wholesale invoices will result in a lot of wasted manpower and human errors.
The system directly links to the accounting system with one click, eliminating the need to enter each item twice.
Restaurants generally stock large quantities of food, and accumulate over time stock will expire, resulting in losses.
The use of an inventory management system allows for a disciplined inventory count to be carried out effectively, thereby reducing food expiry losses.
Attendance And Salary Calculations
Payroll calculations are cumbersome and time-consuming to handle manually with a large amount of attendance and absence data. The calculations can be complex when handled in accordance with labour laws.
Calculations are made quick and easy by using customised payroll formulas in the system which is much more time effective.
Staff Duty Roster
With a large number of employees in restaurants, it is very difficult to arrange their duty roster and the shift schedule.
The system has an automatic roster arranging function which also supports manual shift rescheduling.
Processing Payments To A Wide Range Of Suppliers
Liaising with different suppliers to purchase and pay for goods takes a lot of time to process payments and issue cheques.
The system supports accounts payable, accounts receivable, and cheque issuance functions. It makes better use of your time and enhances efficiency.
Bank Reconciliation
It often takes a considerable amount of time to ascertain whether bank cheques have been credited or cashed.
The bank reconciliation worksheets, bank reconciliation statements and monthly bank statements are all available in the financial system, so you can check everything at a glance.



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