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Self-Service Laundries

Common Issues in Self-Service Laundries Industry

Single Payment Method
Most self-service laundries only offer a single payment method, which make it difficult to expand business.
The iBS system supports a wide range of common payment methods, including Octopus card, Alipay, WeChat Pay, VISA, MASTER and PayMe. This will bring more convenience to customers.
Special Discounts For Members
Most of the self-service laundries systems in the market cannot support membership discounts or reward point function which may reduce the attractiveness to customer.
The iBS system supports membership discounts function so customers can earn reward points to get cash back on spending.
Extend Drying Time
Most of the washing machines in self-service laundries without support extending drying time function which is convenient to customers.
Our self-developed washing system supports customised washing and drying time which offers flexibility to customers to extend the time by paying extra.
Combine Laundry And Vending
Currently if the company wants to sell laundry detergent, softeners, perfumed paper, laundry nets, etc., they need a separate machine for product sale purposes because the existing system only supports single use.
The iBS self-service laundry machine successfully combines laundry and self-service vending into single machine, and supports various electronic payments, which is much more cost effective than existing systems in the market.
Replace Coin-Operated Machines
Coin-operated laundries machines are commonly seen in self-service laundries, however these machines are vulnerable to theft.
The iBS self-service laundry machine successfully combines laundry and self-service vending in one machine, and supports various electronic payments to prevent theft of cash.
Bank Reconciliation
As the company issues or receives different bank cheques, it takes a long time to clarify whether the cheques have been credited or cashed by the bank.
The bank reconciliation worksheets, bank reconciliation statements and monthly bank statements are all available in the financial system, so you can monitor everything at a glance.



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