TPOS Touch POS System

Touch screen systems are becoming more popular in different kinds of electronic products, and POS systems are no exception.

TPOS incorporates a touch interface into our retail and wholesale management system. Users can simply to touch the screen to perform various transactions and operations, which is simpler and more convenient than traditional systems. In such a fast-changing market, it’s important to stand out from your competitors. TPOS is the right choice for you to enhance your business’s flexibility and seize new opportunities.


  • Data Automation

    Import and export of products, customer and supplier data to and from MS-Excel

  • Real-Time Records

    Real-time access to product sales, customer sales and vendor import history

  • Speciality Menu

    Users can define “signature items” to quickly access them from the menu

  • Real-Time Search

    Real-time product information search function

  • Backup And Restore

    Built-in data backup and restore function with security user rights

  • Plug and Play Modules

    Provides modules for color and size, membership system, product bundle etc.


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