TPOS +Plus

TPOS (+Plus) Point Of Sales Management System is a comprehensive set of P05 solution system, its function coverage is complete and expansionary is strong. The system can link up with the operation of hardware for front-end and back-end office; it can effectively shorten the workflow of the front-end (shop) check out back-end (office) wholesales operation. The TPOS (+Plus) System includes the four main parts of purchasing, wholesaling, inventory and retailing respectively, you can manage the product entry by using a barcode reader, enter the product information or the product code for Stock-In and Stock-Out operation. Bills and documents will be automatically printed instantly, and real-time product inventory can also be processed. By analyzing the system data, product management can be accurately processed, thus the detailed or integrated business analysis and the top-selling, non-movement and slow-selling products management information can be collected, so as to let you enhance business efficiency and the enterprising market competitivity.


  • Real-time Records

    Tracking stock orders, sales and suppliers’ shipment histories at any time.

  • Promotions Campaign

    Provides a range of promotions to help increase sales.

  • Membership Reward Points

    Set up various membership categories, membership discounts, membership upgrades, and allow customers to earn and redeem reward points.

  • Stocktaking

    Provides periodic stocktaking, stock quantity adjustment and mobile data collection.

  • Electronic Payments

    All-in-one multifunction payment machine supports several different electronic payment methods.

  • Other Functions

    Color and size, vouchers with serial numbers, product bundle, consignment in & out.


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