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Travel Agencies

Common Issues in Travel Agencies Industry

Easy And Fast Purchases
Long queuing times for customers when travel agency launches special promotions.
iBS self-service vending system offers an instant online purchase function which can reduce customers’ waiting time in branches.
Emergency Notices
There are lots of unpredictable and emergency situations related to the Travel industry, leading to overwhelming volumes of enquiries at the same time.
iBS self-service vending system is equipped with a notice function, which effectively provides a variety of general and emergency notices. It is a flexible, convenient and quick way to let customers know the most up-to-date information.
Attendance And Salary Calculations
Payroll calculations are cumbersome and time-consuming to handle manually with a large amount of attendance and absence data. The calculations can be complex when handled in accordance with labour laws.
Calculations are made quick and easy by using customised payroll formulas in the system which is much more time effective.
Tax Return
There is a lot of tax return filing and paperwork checking at the year end.
The IR56B, IR56G, IR56F and other tax return forms can be generated from the system. The system can also automatically calculate MPF and supports electronic tax filing.
Financial Statements
All industries need to generate financial statements in different formats, and at year-end it takes time to process the statements and deliver them to the auditing firm to audit the accounts.
Accountants are able to generate a wide range of financial statements, or create their own financial statement formats without additional cost by using the Financial Accounting Management System.
Bank Reconciliation
It often takes a considerable amount of time to ascertain whether bank cheques have been credited or cashed
The bank reconciliation worksheets, bank reconciliation statements and monthly bank statements are all available in the financial system, so you can check everything at a glance.



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